Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, Cadena, Inc. is an environmental services provider specializing in the management of corporate enterprise laboratory programs and analytical data quality processes. As your provider of smart software solutions when it comes to environmental data management, you can count on our strategies to help you develop innovative applications that pertain to your industry.

We are proud to offer a best-in-class, technology-enabled Commodity Management Services model to not only help you manage your network of environmental testing laboratories but also add value to your supply chain, ensure quality and accuracy of analytical data, and monitor laboratory performance. Thanks to our Collaborative Laboratory Management System (CLMS) technology platform, Cadena, Inc. offers an unparalleled online application that drives superior execution and performance across the supply chain. At the same time, our efforts eliminate wasteful inefficiencies that unnecessarily cost your company money. Using a standards-based approach that smooths out any wrinkles within the processing, verification and reporting of analytical data, we give you 24/7/365 access to the database for your utmost convenience.

Some of our services include data quality assessments, quality control, environmental data validation, Environmental Laboratory Performance Testing, and Environmental Laboratory Programs Management to name a few. It’s through these services that we can connect you with easier data management practices for your business.

It’s our job to remain focused on your initiatives, delivering on promises of well-designed software that results from a grass roots environmental domain as well as professional content experience. Our team, coupled with state of the art data management capabilities and technological insight, can help you make the seamless transition to online environmental data storage, management, collaboration, and compliance. We have revolutionized the process to provide you with the resources and tools you need to excel in your industry today.

At Cadena, we are focused on connecting you with intelligent, value-added software that saves you not only time and money but that allows you to embrace a more eco-friendly stance in your operations. You can always count on our platform to be up to date with effective management tools at your disposal, continuous access to relevant data, complete flexibility and seamless mobile-enabled integration. Backed by a belief in 100 percent compliance, full data ownership and sustainable business practices, our team has the experience and knowledge to transform your company’s current way of doing things.

From medicine and genetics to energy and chemistry, Cadena implements innovative ideas regarding science research to benefit future generations. There’s no question that scientific advancements make our daily lives easier. We are a connection to bridge the gap from our clients to environmental suppliers and network laboratories. Look to us for solutions to make the advancements you need in your business. Cadena, Inc. is the one to propel to you to a new way of storing and accessing analytical data. Consult with us today to find out how we can get you started.