Listing of Environmental Services

Verification of Sampling Procedures of Field Sampling Measurement Organizations (FSMO):
On-site assessment of sampling procedures, review for appropriate education, training and experience of sampling personnel, as well as assurance that records and documentation are current.

Third party Level 2 data verification and Level 4 data validation:
At Level 2,evaluating the completeness, correctness and conformance/compliance of a specific data set against the method, procedural and/or regulatory requirements. For Level 4, extending the evaluation of data to analyte and sample specific levels to determine the analytical quality of specific data set.

Auditing and qualifying environmental laboratories:
On-site Audits based on ISO 17025, NELAC and customer requirements.Continual monitoring of laboratory performance/compliance using Performance Testing (PT) samples (single and double-blind), certification maintenance and electronic QC data surveillance.

Establishing and reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for environmental laboratories:
Cadena has developed standardized reporting to highlight laboratory performance in critical areas such as TAT exceptions, EDD non-conformances and program compliance error rates.

Archiving verified analytical quality data in proprietary Collaborative Laboratory Management System (CLMS):
System allows access to project data by all project stakeholders including Project Managers, Consultants and Laboratories.

Cadena, Inc. is devoted to matching your business with the compliance and sustainability software you need to add value to your environmental supply chain. We use a state of the art technology platform featuring a standards-based approach that optimizes the processing, verification and reporting of analytical data punctuated by 24/7/365 access for your convenience.

The services we offer help you do your job more easily and efficiently than ever before. Here is a sampling of what we offer your business:

  • Maintaining integrity and quality throughout the environmental Chain of Custody
  • Delivering third party Level 2 data verification and Level 4 data validation
  • Auditing and qualifying environmental laboratories
  • Establishing and reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for environmental laboratories
  • Verifying sampling procedures of Field Sampling Measurement Organizations (FSMO)
  • Archiving verified analytical quality data in proprietary Collaborative Laboratory Management System (CLMS)
  • Currently provide level 2 data verification for over 50 sites in North America, including manufacturing plants, remediation sites and office locations
  • Testing parameters include: wastewater, volatile organic compounds, concrete, oil, paint sludge, among others
  • Deliver support to approximately 19 Tier 1 environmental consulting and waste management firms
  • Management of environmental laboratory supply chains

From database integration and customization to software implementation and configuration, Cadena is a pioneer in the smart software solutions realm, acting as your trusted environmental services provider specializing in the management of corporate enterprise laboratory programs and analytical data quality processes.Securing market advantage is a top goal in any company. Cadena can help you achieve that.

We contract with corporate customers just like you to aid in the management of environmental testing laboratories networks. This allows our software to add value through the qualification and consolidation of the laboratory supply chain and monitoring of laboratory performance. Our team can ensure the quality and accuracy of analytical data through our revolutionary Collaborative Laboratory Management System (CLMS) technology platform.

Through services such as data quality assessments and environmental laboratory performance testing, we can connect you with easier data management practices that will make your business thrive in the competitive scientific community. Our software can match you with intelligent, value-added software that saves you not only time and money but that allows you to take a more environmentally-friendly outlook. Theplatform we provide puts you in control with effective management tools, continual access to relevant data, comprehensive flexibility and seamless mobile-enabled integration.

As your top resource for the implementation of innovative ideas in science research, we know how important scientific advancements are to our daily lives. That’s why a reliable system for data collection, testing and verification is a must to your organization. Contact Cadena today to find out what we can do for you right now.